This is a shot of my brother Shady and I fooling around while shooting for an amazing project. I got to take on Artistic Direction for this shootThere was amazing wardrobe provided by Tammy Beauvais and we shot at the great StudioFour30. I actually have pow wow style make-up going on. We had hired a great team of Aboriginal hairstylists and make-up artists from Ottawa, ON region.

My passion has always been advocating for Aboriginal youth. It was great to collaborate with other first nations artists in the beauty industry. This project we made was to promote self confidence amongst our young generations. Showing to their communities they, IN FACT, can counter stereotypes and statistics that are troubling our first nations people and show off their beauty.

Bringing about youth involvement is what I also would like to continue promoting and working towards in my career in the beauty industry. If you have any project ideas and would like to collaborate, or would like to seek any advice on creating your own photoshoots for self-confidence  campaigns (all ages) in your community, send me a message.



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